Landscapes For a Future is a landscape design and construction management company based in Sebastopol, CA. We are dedicated to client focused and environmentally sensitive landscaping practices. Please look under the Services tab for a detailed description of the services we provide.


Putting the natural organic processes to work to our benefit instead of relying on toxic and expensive chemical shortcuts is one of the pillars of our approach to creating healthy sustainable landscapes. We take sustainability into account in all that we do. This includes among other things:

• site appropriate plant material,

• waterwise irrigation techniques and hardware,

• assessment of environmental footprint of materials used,

• sourcing local re purposed and easily recyclable materials,

• and wildlife friendly designs.

Let us show you how you can green your landscape!


There is a seemingly endless list of architectural labels; modern, organic, Victorian, minka (Japanese), arts and crafts, Moorish revival, art deco, the list goes on. We are often asked what our style is, which type of architectural school we adhere to. Our favorite design style is the happy client. By that I mean that our design is client focused. Design never happens in a vacuum. We believe that a clients design preferences, schedule, budget, interests and passions should dictate the design in combination with the attributes of the existing site elements, such as geography and design of nearby landscape and buildings. To complete the design equation we add the biotic qualities of the site such as soil type and existing vegetation as well as the abiotic qualities such as climate and micro climates. When all of these aspects of your landscape harmonize in form and function we get happy plants, functioning design and happy clients. Let us assist you in finding out what you would like and explore how to best achieve those goals.


Green spaces are inherently dynamic. They grow, flower, lose their leaves, change color, wilt, die, self seed, grow back - they are in a constant state of change. The road from idea to finished product in landscaping differs from many other industries in that the end result is not static. Therefore it is important that a design is not just a snap shot in time but a product that takes the landscapes many stages into consideration. What will the space be like in summer and what will it be like in winter? How will it change from its first year to its twenty fifth? A good design needs to work over time and take changes in season and growth into consideration.

Design that takes both installation and maintenance into consideration will be more successful and less expensive than design that doesn't. The least expensive landscape over time is usually not the landscape that costs the least to design or install but the one that has solved common cost draining maintenance aspects.

We look forward to supporting  you in realizing the fullest  potential of your property.


Johan Niklasson

Owner and Principal Designer